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Xcelerator ( In Association with JaganNath University, NCR ), Delhi


Xcelerator (in association with JaganNath University, offers job role specific specialized programs and industry partnership in cutting edge domains. The method that is being used by Xcelerator has been marked by a shift from traditional learning theories, to adopting a completely new approach of learning as it is filled with new-age learning theories such as project-based learning, connectivism and 21st-century skills in its domain-based specialized degree programs. The methods that are designed for the active engagement of the students for better learning outcomes and enhanced industry alignment.


For BBA Candidate needs to pass 10+2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 45% marks along with proficiency in English.

For BCA Candidate needs to pass 10+2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 45% marks.


Goals for employability

Xcelerator provides more than 500 companies for job platforms. Students may begin their journey by getting admission into excelerator who have aspirational career goals. Students earning points with each intervention, which takes them closer to their career goals.

Learning Methodology

Exelarators focus on aligning education into industry-valued skills. This method of learning is derived from the theory of Connectivism, that has been commonly referred to as the ‘learning theory for the new age media, that is digital age’.This course will help you seek complex learning at the time of rapidly changing social digital world.

Vast Community

Xcelerator aims at building extensive partnerships with the industry and academia for content creation and its delivery. Community-building and networking are the core foundation of Connectivism, as the two foster an environment for collaboration. This collaborative community will also help in rapid curation/creation of the relevant content of the real world.

Outcome Analytics

Every learner has different learning abilities or their choices. Everyone does not aim for similar outcomes either. Understanding what works the best for those who will enable personalization of education. Hence, feedback is an important factor for both the learner as well as the teacher. This bridges the gaps possible and alleviates them.

Skill Development

At Xcelarator, all the assessments are tied into a skill framework. A student progresses along with a chosen skill map as they select and complete a series of electives. Well-researched goals and guidelines are delivered directed by Modularization.

Content Guidelines and Best Practices

Content that is relevant will be created/curated for fitting the method of learning. One of the essential parts will be the crowdsourcing for the variety of electives envisioned. Xcelerator will support research, academic, and industrial experts with a playbook and a content team that will assist them in the process of content creation.

Learning based on projects

Project-based learning (PBL) is an integral part of this method at Xcelerators. PBL encourages the students to develop a deeper insight into a domain for exploring and reflecting and making decisions by drawing conclusions through attempting a project. It aims at making them solve through real-life challenges and problems in that domain. It is designed to provide students the right balance between application and learning. The method provides students with an experiment that is safe for the environment and pushes their boundaries without the fear of losing. The methodology encourages the students to think and work independently.


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