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How to choose the right college in the time of COVID-19 (India or Abroad)

Undoubtedly, the novel coronavirus has stopped the daily lives of billions across the globe. The Economic slowdown has been the biggest hit across the countries whether its a developing country like india or the economic super power like USA. Everyone has been affected equally. Crumbling amid growing fears about the rapid spread of COVID-19. These unprecedented times have also taken a heavy toll on the education sector; universities and schools have suspended their ongoing academic terms and as a result, entrance exams have been postponed, students around the world have started getting anxious about their futures.  

How the admission process have been affected during COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Students who are interested in travelling overseas for an undergraduate/postgraduate education must deliberate with their family and career coaches over their options. Students must have an open mind to understand the risks associated with each of these options. 

  • It's never a bad idea to keep aside a backup plan because the students who applied for an international education, need to rethink now and ponder their domestic options in order to keep a safer side so that you do not waste a year because of this pandemic.

  • Universities have also started to set up online groups for prospective students to connect and discuss their concerns. Doing so will allow you to meet with people who are in the same boat as you. It is important to recognize that you are not alone in these uncertain times and that we are all in this together!

Amid the crisis, one must go the extra mile for determining the correct study program and university for oneself. It is also a wonderful opportunity for everyone to expand their horizons in the domains of academics and various co-curricular activities and develop new skills.


  1. Be aware!
    Prospective students must delve into the current economic, social, and political context of the regions where they intend to study. Make sure that the universities that you have opted for are taking appropriate containment measures . You should strive to keep abreast of such developments and they unfold in the global arena.

  2. Don’t be narrow-minded!
    We strongly recommend that you seek transparency and straightforward answers from the admissions departments of the universities to which you wish to apply to. Doing so will help you make an informed decision and also allow you to understand how a specific university plans to conduct activities in the upcoming academic year. One must rely upon the information that is obtained from reliable sources such as WHO, Arogya Setu App etc. 

  3. The boon of social media
    Leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to keep tabs on the daily updates about the coronavirus situation in the cities and towns where you wish to study in the near future. You may also use these platforms to connect with the residents in such locations and get real-time information about the pandemic.

  4. Virtual knowledge can have a real impact
    In these testing times, it is important to not feel helpless and morose. One of the best ways to keep the melancholy at bay is to keep learning! A plethora of online courses have been made free of cost and you may access the same to gain valuable knowledge in several academic disciplines. This exercise will broaden your worldview and ensure that you stay sharp during this period of inactivity.

Be cautious, stay connected with your loved ones, and don’t forget to wash your hands!


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