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Tips to develop yourself

Tips to develop yourself amid COVID 19, learn skills at your home.

The world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused economic meltdowns and social disruptions. The famous economist and nobel prize-winning economist, Robert Shiller, recently wrote that there are two kinds of anxieties that the world is currently combating. First is the medical anxiety. As we hear about the large numbers of cases of COVID-19 in all parts of the world, we are all concerned about the health and well being of our loved ones. At the same time, there is growing concern about the dire economic impact of the ongoing pandemic. Falling economy due to the fall in stock prices and colossal financial losses continue to stoke the uncertainty, but don't let the crisis stop you from developing yourself. You have got the time that you have always asked for, now is the time to utilize your time, get disciplined and work on yourself. 

Due to quarantine, everybody is locked at their homes and now is the time to learn and adapt, irrespective of which industry we work in. You are going to be entering the industry soon, and it's the perfect time for you to learn a number of things: 

  • Opt for Online Courses 

Depending on your interests, various courses are available  on platforms like Coursera, Edx, Class Central, Udemy etc. You can definitely learn new concepts in SEO, SEM, Google Ad, DIgital Marketing etc as these are highly demanded by employers nowadays. You can also learn psychology, chemistry, data sciences, finance, economics or even environment studie. These courses are by professors from top colleges like Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and many more. On most platforms, you can do them for free, all you need to do is audit the course and you are good to go. 

  • Develop a New Skill 

Whether you love to dance, love to draw or love to cook, just do anything, spare time to even a skill such as time management or the skill to communicate better. Not just those, it could also be anything from learning software like Excel or Photoshop to learning to do video editing or graphic designing. You can learn the skill using tutorials which are available online. You have the next few weeks to understand how you can improve, create a plan that you wish to work on and implement it. 

  • Learn a New Language 

It is a highly demanded skill that employers search for, they see a plus point in your resume if you know more than one language. Learning a new language not just improves your problem solving and memory but also improves your logical reasoning and the way you connect with people. Why not start learning a new language? All you need to do is decide which language you wish to learn, install an app like Duolingo or Babbel and commit to learning and practicing every day.  Languages such as Spanish, German, French are highly demanded. 

  • Prepare for Your Entrance Exams 

A number of entrance exams have been postponed due to the lockdown, hence you have got more time to study for the exam. There are two common things that are tested in each entrance exam irrespective of the subject they test – Memory and Problem-Solving. These are the basics. It is good to learn how to learn better, to understand the applications of the concepts you are learning and use them to solve factual and numerical problems. Solving sample papers, practicing within a time frame are all steps that take you closer to solving real-world problems once you enter college and then the industry. 

  • Reading books and/or articles

Studies by Sussex University suggest that reading for as little as 6 minutes in a day can reduce your stress levels by up to 68%. Sometimes it can help you relax faster than music or a cup of hot chocolate. This is because when we are reading, our mind is actively engrossed in a literary world that is away from the stressors of our daily life. Not just stress reduction, reading is also known to improve empathy, to build imagination and to improve abstract and logical reasoning. Improvement in language and vocabulary are added benefits. Read something that you enjoy reading, it helps in more ways that you would believe! 

  • Work From Home Internships 

You can also learn to apply your skills by pursuing a virtual internship. Different organizations are offering internships online where you can work from home. You can apply for something, even at the school level, and pursue the internship, understand the work that you are allocated and contribute. In this process, you will not just learn the intricacies of the work you are doing but also build communication and employability skills while adding to your resume. 

  • Art of Self Care 

Believe it or not, no matter how perfect a person projects his/her life over social media platforms, each one of them have their own struggles. We are constantly critical of ourselves, constantly trying to improve, to match the standards that we set for ourselves. Maybe we can use this time to stop and appreciate ourselves for who we are. Each one of us can use this time to start learning to better care of your own self. This could be something as small as writing down your thoughts every day, making tea for your own self, ironing your own clothes or even using a heart-shaped soap. 


The novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 does it’s job irrespective of the country, geographical conditions or host conditions – it gets transmitted to cause the disease. 

The lesson from this virus itself is that no matter what the conditions, we must keep learning and adapting!


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