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Career in Humanities

Amazing Career Options in Humanities

Nowadays, Humanities students have become one of the most popular career choices amongst the students with unlimited scope and infinite opportunities after completing class 12th. Arts is a very vast field providing diverse career options such as  law, journalism, fashion, marketing, aviation or other professional courses and even business setups.

Making a well informed decision about the correct choice of career can be a daunting task for both students as well as parents. Therefore experts at FORMBazaar are here to help you choose a career well suited for the student. 

Given below are some of the productive career options in Humanities after 12th standard. 

Courses after 12th for Arts students

According to research, the most popular undergraduate course is Bachelor of Arts (BA) pursued by the students after class 12th. There are about 900 BA colleges in India providing admissions to this course.

Professional courses such as law, mass communication and hotel management can also be pursued by the students after Class XII apart from BA.

To get detailed information regarding the admission process and counselling into various colleges, candidates can contact FORMBazaar for expert guidance.

List of Courses after Class XII Arts

These courses after 12th include Pure Arts as well as some other popular programmes

  • BA in Humanities & Social Sciences

  • BA in Arts (Fine/ Visual/ Performing)

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

  • BDes in Animation

  • BA LLB

  • BDes in Design

  • BSc in Hospitality & Travel

  • BSc in Design

  • Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)

  • BHM in Hospitality & Travel

  • Bachelor of Journalism (BJ)

  • Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

  • BA in Hospitality & Travel

  • BA in Animation

  • Diploma in Education (DEd)

  • BCom in Accounting and Commerce


  • BCA (IT and Software)

Jobs for Humanities Majors


Students with Humanities majors have a very prominent option of selecting the career of teaching profession provided there is the required focus on writing and speaking.

Aspiring teachers must be licensed, and licensure requirements include completion of a teacher-preparation program and a state exam, in addition to a bachelor's degree. 

Students interested in teaching careers can contact our experts at FORMBazaar for detailed information.

Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising sales positions are well suited for a Humanities major student requiring a high school diploma or many employers prefer job applicants with a college degree.  Advertising Sales Agents require proficiency in communication skills. 

Students interested in an Advertising Sales Agent career can contact our experts at FORMBazaar for detailed information.

Technical Writer

 Humanities major students can be a technical writer with proficiency in English language with the ability to judge your audience and write for them accordingly.


Creative humanities major students can also select art as a career and a background in art history could help you in your career as an artist. 


A humanities bachelor's degree is a perfect starting point for someone who wants to be a counselor. Humanities major students can select counselling as their perfect career and eligibility for a recognised counseling position requires completion of a master's degree, and licensure is often necessary as well. 

Event Organizer

 Humanities major students with good management and leadership skills can plan and organize events. 

Public Relations Manager

Public relations is a growing career option for Humanities major students and requires proficiency in reading, writing and interpersonal skills. A Combination of this with human knowledge and understanding will get you to help others create and maintain their public image.

Travel Agent

A career in Travel agency is also one of the most popular options for humanities major students who can help customers with their vacation planning. 

For further details, interested students should contact experts at FORMBazaar.


Law is one of the most common and popular career choices for students with Humanities majors which requires good communication and reasoning skills to guide clients through the legal system.


Editing as a profession is very popular amongst people with proficiency in English language and can even work from home for editing of magazine articles or technical work for some company. 

Interpreter and/or Translator

Students who learnt or are aspiring to learn a second language with humanities major, can become an interpreter or a translator. Interpreters specialize in spoken or signed language, while translators work primarily with written materials.


Candidates with a passion for research and learning history of people and their origins can also choose Genealogy as their future profession.

Advertising Manager

As a humanities major, you know how to get inside people's heads. Use your art skills and knowledge to create ads for products. Keep in mind, though, that most managers in this field have professional experience, so you probably won't land a managerial position right out of college.


Journalism is a very popular and rewarding career choice for students with humanities majors and requires written, communication and interviewing skills.

Foreign Correspondent

Students with interests in journalism and work their way and ranks to the profession of Foreign Correspondent.

Human Resources Specialist

Students with leadership qualities who are good at dealing with people and addressing their grief can go for Human Resources as a profession involving interviewing and hiring decisions.


A linguist is an expert in language, be it your own or a foreign language. Linguists work for the government, educational institutions and other organizations.



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