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Class 12th Board Exam


CBSE Board Exams 2020 are on the head of the students and it is necessary to plan out before studying so that you do not miss out on important things. As this is the most crucial time for you to study, you cannot afford to lose your important time stressing upon the syllabus that you have not covered yet. Reading this article will give you tips and tricks on how to prepare for your board examination 2020 and score well. 

Generally, CBSE board releases the official date sheet approximately 40 days before the commencement of the board exams. Since January and February are given for preparation, march should be kept aside for revision only. It's important to understand that stressing out before a night of exam will lose your self confidence and ultimately it will hamper your mind. Students should keep on practicing the question papers of previous years because the same questions appear again and again with a little twist and turn.Lets understand how can you prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2020 to score good marks. With the goal of scoring good comes a persevering effort from the side of the student towards study in each subject, knowledge of the syllabus along with the thorough plan. 

Below are some CBSE Class 12 exam preparation tips:

  • Begin with the subject that bothers you:

To score well, you need to clear the concepts of all the subjects including the one that bothers you the most. That is why, it is advised to begin with it. No subject can become a favourite or non-favourite subject and easy or difficult subject thus, it is necessary to pay attention to all the subjects and not leaving latter for reasons of lack of interest.

  • Knowledge of the syllabus:

You need to be aware of the complete syllabus of CBSE Class 12 before you begin your study plan for the exam preparation. Go through the CBSE class 12 syllabus and weight-age of all subjects. Then, begin from the topics that carry the highest marks and get a strong grip on those topics. If you find any topic difficult to focus on, do not leave the concept unattended or procrastinate or keep it for the last moment.

  • SWOT analysis before studying:

Understand which subject or topic is your strength and what are your weaknesses and clear the concept. Once you take the SWOT Analysis, you will understand better what are the topics that are well prepared and what are the topics that need time and practice. Practice more often so that you get your hands on perfection.

  • Collect Study material:

Make sure to collect every essential study material before you begin your Class 12 board exam preparation such as sample papers, guides, books, notes etc. But remember not to take too many books to confuse yourself! Begin with the NCERT books, as they are the basic preparation material for CBSE Class 12. You can buy other reference books for objectives and other concepts which you find difficult to understand.

  • Solve mock test papers:

Learning the concepts is not enough if you do not practice it in writing. You need to write everything that you learn so that it retains in your mind. It is important to note that Class 12 board exam preparation will never be complete without solving sample papers or taking mock tests because it is rightly said that practice makes man perfect.

  • Time management:

One of the most important tips is to manage your time while you study. Never try to sit with one subject for the entire day. Mix-match that is, pick two subjects for a day and work on every subject with divided time. This will reduce boredom as well as enables you to finish the portion simultaneously with all subjects, in a planned manner.

Read some quick tips to prepare for CBSE class 12 examination:

  • Make a time table for a week and study two or three subjects each day.

  • Keep the weekends to solve sample question papers.

  • Give the sample paper to any elder or a professor to correct your answers.

  • Write notes of things that are difficult to remember and study it again.

  • Prioritize your time for difficult subjects and topics.

  • Avoid the distractions such as listening to music, watching television, text messaging or surfing the Internet while studying.

  • Do not sacrifice your sleep hours at night for studying.

  • Eat healthy food and follow a healthy routine.

  • Get adequate sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

  • Use light weighted pens for writing notes.

  • Keep yourself calm, motivated, exercise daily, be positive and boost your confidence.

Following these tips will help you to score well in the Class 12th Board Examination.



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