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B.A Political Science

Career Options after pursuing B.A (H) Political Science.

“Politics’ is a term that may bring into the mind about politicians and corruption, however, the study of political science is a noble field, examining the functioning of politics and the government, and you will get to know the mechanism of society. 

Whether you are interested in the field of politics or you simply want to boost your knowledge, critical thinking, and analytical skills for other careers, the BA (H) Political Science course is a popular course for those interested in the social sciences.

Let’s look at the subjects and colleges for B.A Political Science in India, as well as its scope.

 B.A (H) Political Science- Brief Understanding

In the study of political science, you will get to know about the political systems nationally and internationally, famous political thinkers and the Indian constitution. The course consists of political theory and the basic concepts of comparative politics. It will let you know about how state and power are interconnected and interpreted in different countries.

You will get to know about the impact of colonialism and nationalism on political, social and economic structures in India, and their contribution to Indian politics. You will also learn how political thought evolved in the western world, apart from Indian Politics, the need for international organisations, as well as the role that such organisations play. You will also get to know about the modern capitalist world and how has it evolved over decades, and the current political and economic challenges faced throughout the globe. 

   Career Options after B.A (H) Political Science 

1. Civil Services

A career in civil services such as the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IFS (Indian Foreign Services) is one of the most popular choices for those studying political science. Civil Service basically works on helping the nation to function smoothly, it also includes one of the most prominant tasks of influencing the decision making process and representing India at times. 

2. Politics

A career in politics has gained popularity with more young people joining the field in recent years. You can join a politician directly, or you can also act as a political analyst or campaign manager associated with the government or a political party. No formal course has been prescribed to join politics, however a degree in political sciene will help you in this deal. You can enter the field by volunteering and looking into political parties that match your ideologies.  

3. Political Scientist
The role of a political scientist involves studying various aspects of governmental mechanism, how the government/cities operate and interact with one another, and the impact of governmental policies. Apart from examining the present situations, political scientists also make recommendations for steps that can be implemented. To become a political scientist, you need to pursue MA in Political Science degree or PhD.
4. Social Service

Social service means serving and helping your society and people who are in the need of besic necessities like education, food, shether human rights etc. Thiscareer options has grown with the rise in NGOs, government outreach programmes, and with MNCs establishing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments which was made mandatory by the centeral government. For pursuing a career as a social worker or in social services, you can go for a Master’s degree in social work after your B.A degree.

5. Journalism

A vast majority of the news covered in the media is related to politics, and increasing public awareness means more people are interested in reading the news. B.A Political Science graduates have a thorough understanding of politics and the political environment which makes them ideal candidates for media roles such as political journalists, editors, and correspondents. To enter the media field, you can pursue a postgraduate course in journalism or mass communication.

6. Teaching

If you love political science, teaching may be a career that will fit best for you. Political science as a discipline is grown its popularity over years and you can teach this discipline at school or college levels. To teach, you will need a master’s degree in Political Science along with a B.Ed for the school level, or you will need to clear the UGC NET examination for becoming a college professor.


BA (H) Political Science can be an ideal discipline for you if you are interested in the functioning of political mechanism. Apart from knowledge, the course will enhance your critical thinking and analytical skills. Apart from these careers, there are a even moreexciting careers available for students of BA (H) Political Science, you can connect with FORMBAZAAR to know more.



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